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Paris in one day - Yes, it is possible.

385 miles away from the capital city, in Vaissac, Tarn-et-Garonne (South-West of France) Le Petit Paris attracts visitors from all over the world.

Gerard Brion moved to the site in his teens and decided to build his first Eiffel Tower at fourteen years old.

This was the beginning of a labour of love that led him to build a miniature version of the French capital city, which now includes 40 different features. It will have taken Gerard Brion more than 25,000 hours of work over nearly fifteen years to reach this point. He is now in the process of fixing models of other French landmarks from La Petite France, a (now closed) park, which he used to work for, and therefore giving the visitors more things to look at.

When you visit Le Petit Paris, you will be able to see Paris, some of the most famous features from other regions in France, some paintings made the artist at different stages of his life, and the grand finale will be a French Cancan show … Unfortunately, no champagne is yet supplied with the tickets, but you can always pretend.

Many French celebrities have recognised the artist’s many talents and over 15,000 visitors come every year to this remote area to admire his work, under the caring eye of its creator.

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